What Skills and Experience Should Executive Stewards Bring to Your Resort’s Back-of-House?

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of the hospitality industry, the back-of-house operations of a resort play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless and exceptional guest experiences. At the heart of these operations is the Executive Steward, a key position responsible for overseeing various aspects of stewarding, including team management, equipment maintenance, and adherence to health and safety policies. This article explores the essential skills and experience that executive stewards should bring to a resort’s back-of-house.

What Does the Role of an Executive Resort Steward Entail?

The role of an executive resort steward is multifaceted, encompassing diverse responsibilities integral to the seamless operation of back-of-house functions. Leading a team of stewards, the executive steward plays a crucial leadership role in maintaining and upholding company policies and standards, especially within the realms of food & beverage operations.

On a daily basis, they oversee the execution of tasks, ensuring the provision of exceptional service and adherence to hospitality industry best practices. The stewarding supervisor is pivotal in fostering an effective team environment, where collaboration and adherence to established protocols are paramount for the overall success of the resort’s operations. In essence, the executive resort steward is central to creating a positive and efficient atmosphere, aligning the team with the high standards expected in the hospitality job sector.

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Skills Needed for Executive Stewards at Your Resort

An executive steward is a crucial role within all resort businesses. Hotel stewards encompass a range of jobs in order to ensure the smooth running of the resort, so it is essential that you hire a candidate with the skills necessary to seamlessly executive this important senior management role. Here are some of the valuable skills you should be looking out for:

Leadership and Supervisory Experience

An executive steward should possess strong leadership and supervisory skills to effectively manage and direct the team of stewards under their purview. This includes the ability to motivate, mentor, and guide team members to ensure optimal performance in their roles. Supervisory experience is crucial for handling challenging situations, making strategic decisions, and maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is paramount in a resort setting where teamwork is essential for success. Executive stewards need to communicate clearly with kitchen staff, cleaning crews, and other departments. Strong verbal and written communication skills facilitate smooth coordination and help prevent misunderstandings that can impact the guest experience.

Organizational Skills

The back-of-house operations in a resort demand meticulous organization. Executive stewards must manage cleaning schedules, inventory, and equipment maintenance efficiently. Excellent organizational skills contribute to the seamless execution of daily tasks, ensuring that the kitchen and other areas are consistently well-maintained.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are crucial for building positive relationships within the team and across various departments. The ability to collaborate with chefs, culinary staff, housekeeping, and other staff members fosters a cohesive and cooperative work environment. Strong interpersonal skills contribute to a harmonious workplace, enhancing overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Technical Skills

Executive stewards should possess technical skills related to the proper use and maintenance of kitchen equipment. Knowledge of industrial dishwashers, food processors, and other tools used in back-of-house operations is essential. This technical expertise ensures that equipment is functioning optimally, reducing downtime and preventing disruptions to daily operations.

Experience Needed to be an Executive Resort Steward

Becoming an Executive Resort Steward demands a wealth of expertise, with extensive experience in hospitality management, team leadership, and back-of-house operations being paramount. When hiring new candidates, the following areas of expertise should be prioritized.

Hospitality Industry Experience

Previous experience in the hospitality industry is invaluable for executive stewards. Familiarity with the unique demands of the industry, including peak seasons, special events, and diverse guest preferences, allows stewards to anticipate challenges and proactively address them. This experience is particularly beneficial when crafting and implementing effective cleaning and service protocols.

Health and Safety Compliance

A solid understanding of health inspection requirements and compliance with health department regulations is non-negotiable in the hospitality industry. Executive stewards must have a previous understanding of these regulations to ensure that their team adheres to hygiene standards, food safety protocols, and any other health-related policies. This commitment to health and safety contributes to the overall well-being of guests and staff.

Experience in Tourism Management

Experience in tourism management adds a valuable dimension to an executive steward’s skill set. Understanding the intricacies of catering to a diverse range of guests, including those from different cultures and backgrounds, contributes to creating inclusive and memorable experiences for all resort visitors.

Stewarding Department Operations

A comprehensive understanding of daily operations within the stewarding department is fundamental. Executive stewards must be well-versed in the specific requirements of their role, including managing banquet equipment, coordinating with bar staff, and overseeing the deep cleaning processes that are essential for maintaining a pristine and hygienic environment.

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Are There Career Development and Training Opportunities for Executive Stewards?

Executive stewards in resorts benefit from a plethora of career development and training opportunities within the dynamic hospitality landscape. These opportunities encompass specialized job training programs, pre-employment training initiatives, and access to a vibrant community of professionals in the hotel industry. Resorts often provide executive stewards with a range of hospitality courses tailored to enhance their skills and keep them abreast of industry trends.

This commitment to continuous learning not only enriches their knowledge but also opens up fantastic career opportunities. From entry-level positions to supervisory roles, executive stewards can advance their careers based on their acquired skills and the level of qualification achieved through these comprehensive training programs.

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