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Welcome to Hospitality Management Jobs (HMJ), your ultimate destination for international hospitality recruitment services. At HMJ, we believe that the heart and soul of every successful hospitality establishment is its team. Our founder, Chloë St-Cyr, brings over 15 years of invaluable experience in luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, spanning enchanting destinations from the Maldives and the Middle East to the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Chloë not only understands what it takes to assemble a successful team but also possesses profound insights into how to retain them.

Chloë St-Cyr, Founder

Chloë St-Cyr, Founder of HMJ

Chloë St-Cyr‘s passion for the world of hospitality was ignited early on, and her career blossomed as she explored the far reaches of the globe. Having worked in opulent resorts and boutique hideaways, she gained firsthand knowledge of the intricacies that make or break an unforgettable guest experience. From the turquoise waters of the Maldives to the vibrant culture of the Middle East, Chloë absorbed the unique qualities and demands of each locale, allowing her to build a reservoir of wisdom that forms the cornerstone of HMJ.

But Chloë’s journey into hospitality recruitment began in a unique way. She launched the world’s leading private chef platform, Miummium, which revolutionized the culinary industry. Through Miummium, she connected talented chefs with discerning clients worldwide. Her ability to match exceptional culinary talent with the right opportunities caught the attention of the hospitality industry. People began asking for her expertise in placements beyond the kitchen, recognizing her knack for finding and retaining top talent and there HMJ was born.

Why Choose Hospitality Management Jobs

At HMJ, we offer a recruitment experience unlike any other. Our deep understanding of the hospitality industry, combined with Chloë’s extensive network and personal experiences, sets us apart in the world of recruitment. We recognize that finding the perfect team is not just about matching qualifications but also aligning with the culture and ethos of your establishment. At HMJ, we go beyond the surface, meticulously handpicking candidates who embody the spirit and values of your brand.

Our Commitment to Retention

Success isn’t just about recruitment; it’s about nurturing and retaining exceptional talent. Chloë’s time spent amidst the world’s finest resorts has given her unparalleled insight into creating environments that motivate and inspire. We don’t just help you find talent; we help you keep it. Our strategies for staff retention are grounded in real-world experience, ensuring that your team remains engaged, satisfied, and dedicated.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

With HMJ, you’re not just hiring a recruitment agency; you’re partnering with a global team of experts who understand the nuances of hospitality across cultures. Our international presence allows us to tap into a diverse pool of talent, ensuring that your establishment benefits from a worldly perspective.

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Discover the difference that a dedicated and experienced recruitment partner can make for your hospitality business. Contact Hospitality Management Jobs (HMJ) today to explore how we can help you assemble, retain, and nurture the perfect team for your establishment. Let us take your hospitality journey to new heights, drawing from Chloë St-Cyr’s diverse experiences, including her pioneering work in Miummium, which has informed and enriched our approach to recruitment.